2018 FGT Bonus Cash Rules and Explanation

Bonus Cash will be paid to the top players every 4 months in 2018! Must be a member in GOOD STANDING to accrue bonus points
  • Bonus Cash will be paid every 4 months...at the conclusion of each Bonus Cash Super Major 
  • The top 4 in the point standings will be paid CASH at the conclusion of each Bonus Cash Major
  • 80% of cash in pool will be paid to the top 4 players (1st 40% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% 4th 10%)
  • 20% of cash in pool will be added to the pay matrix for the 3 Bonus Cash Super Majors 
  • Based on $10,000 in pool, that is $2000 added to pay matrix for each of the three Bonus Cash Super Majors
  • Extra cash could create a 1st place check of $10,000+ with only 36 players in the Bonus Cash Super Majors
  • There is no cap for bonus points each week 
  • Players may finish in money positions multiple times
  • Bonus Cash Super Majors will be the final event to accrue bonus points for that period
  • Bonus Cash for each 4 month period will be paid at the conclusion of these events and bonus points will then reset for the next period

Bonus Cash Payout for each period to top 4 players based on projected $7500 in pool with $6K going to players (40% 30% 20% 10%):

$2400 $1800 $1200 $600 

2018 PERFORMANCE Bonus Points for All Events:

1-Day Net:1st 70 2nd 60 3rd 50 4th 40 5th 30 & other money finishers 20 points

1-Day Major:1st 100 2nd 90 3rd 80 4th 70 5th 60 & other money finishers 50 points

2-Day Super Major & Bonus Cash Super Major:1st 150 2nd 130 3rd 110 4th 90 5th 70 & other money finishers 60 points

2018 PARTICIPATION Bonus Points for All Events:

Pay entry fee or deposit online = 10 points 
Register by Tuesday at midnight = 20 points (40 points for 2-day events)
Register after Tuesday at midnight = 10 points (20 points for 2-day events)
Participate in 1-day net event within a major = 20 points