Frequently Asked Questions

The FairWay Golf Tour is a PRO golf tour established to allow competitive golf to be played under the rules of the USGA for Cash using your Handicap (In Net events) or Heads Up (in Scratch events)
All golfers wanting to improve there game under the rules of the USGA, by competing for CASH. Handicap events require a minimum HCP of 12 or less.
Yes the tournaments held on the FairWay Golf Tour allow the use of Distance technology as allowed by the USGA. GPS, Laser etc, that does not give feedback on anything other than DISTANCE (i.e. Angle or Temp) is allowed under the rules of the USGA.
Improve your golf game by playing under the rules of the USGA like a touring PRO. Compete for CASH prizes. Receive Tax benefits. Meet new golfers that enjoy playing competitive golf. Many More...