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Major #2 this Weekend @ Chickasaw Pointe; Buffalo Creek in Great Shape as Workman Wins $1600+ With Net Score of -2

Jason Workman of Arlington, TX fired a gross score of 75 on Saturday at Buffalo Creek to take home the Winner's Check of $1600 from the field of 38 players. Nice playing Jason! The scoring looks pretty much the same for this event as it has for all the events played so far this year. With 15 1-Day Net Events completed in 2011, here's a few numbers to check out...The AVG WINNING SCORE is -2.6 and the AVG HIGH SCORE TO FINISH IN MONEY is +2.3. The lowest winning score is -4.6 at Bridlewood and the highest winning score is +2 at Coyote Ridge. You can expect to cash a check every time if you shoot near your hcp as the lowest score to finish last place in the money is +0.7 at Frisco Lakes and the highest is +7.1 at Coyote Ridge. The Tour has paid almost $90,000 in prize money over 16 events with only 1 of 8 scheduled majors completed. Check out and compare our money list as the tour's MOST GENEROUS PAY MATRIX makes this list look very attractive. We are on pace to break the record of $344,199 paid out in 2004. And finally, we are getting close to the $3,000 mark in Red River Cup Bonus Cash...again with only 1 0f 8 majors completed. Since bonus cash and points double for 2-day major events, we believe their will be $10,000 plus in the pool for the top ten points winners at the end of the year if participation stays the same. Sign up NOW for Major #2 this weekend at Chickasaw Pointe and get 30 points for early registration (by 9pm Monday). You will get 20 points if you sign up by Thursday 5pm deadline. If you sign up after Thurs. 5pm deadline it will be on space available only basis and you will receive 10 points for particiption. Performance points will also double for top 5 finishers with 1st pl. getting 100 points.