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10-Yr Vet Lillard Wins Rose Creek; TPC sold out but plenty of room for Super Major #2 in Las Vegas!

Doug Lillard fired a net score of 68.2 in 110 degree heat on Saturday at Rose Creek GC in Edmond, OK to edge out Shawn Misner and take home the $1000 winner's check. Doug has played the FairWay Tour since November 2001 and the 77 at Rose Creek was his 3rd best score of the 250+ rounds he has recorded. Great job Doug! The TPC event this weekend is already sold out but the feature event of the 2011 season is only a few weeks away! Super Major #2 August 20-21 at The Paiute Las Vegas (this course in perfect shape) still has plenty of space available. 1st place is $5000 plus with 20 or more players! So far there is an intimate group of 22 players signed up for this event...none of which are below a 2 handicap. 2-day events require more consistent play but with the scratch players missing it should make an even more interesting competition! This is your great OPPORTUNITY to make that $5000+ PAYDAY a Las Vegas REALITY instead of your annual pipe dream Las Vegas gambling junket...Dont' miss it! Reply or contact Burt Rieck at 405-203-GOLF to get your spot.