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Tee Boxes 101

This is an attempt to shed some light on the use of tee boxes on the FairWay Tour...The goal of the tour is to provide an EQUITABLE and ENJOYABLE arena of competition for its members...Let's dissect the EQUITABLE part of this statement. The Tour uses USGA approved software along with its own policy and procedure proven over six years to be extremely accurate in handicapping its players. Senior players are allowed to choose which tee box they will play with their handicap adjusted accordingly using the USGA's Formulas. Herein lies the controversy with the younger players and also leads us to the ENJOYABLE part of our goal on the tour...It is simply not enjoyable for our older members to be hitting driver, 3-wood into a majority of the par 4's and 3-woods on many of the par 3's from the back tee box! The younger players (and older long ballers) need to understand this: YOUR HANDICAP IS ESTABLISHED FROM THE TEE BOX YOU PLAY FROM...there is an extreme penalty to be paid for low scores...the same players who are at odds with the current system would be at odds with their handicap if they were permitted to play the up tees because these tees are not designed for 300+ yard hitters. On the flip side, the back tees are not enjoyable for 240 yard hitters...The bottom line: After over 300 events there are no statistics to show one particular group of players has an advantage over the other. Let's give everyone a chance to have fun while competing and let the stats show that the current system is accurate and enjoyable for all!