Tour News

2012 has thirteen 2-Day Events on the calendar! $25,000 in BONUS CASH projected payout to top 20 points WINNERS!!

2012 looks to be a banner year for FairWay Tour players. We will be featuring a total of thirteen two day events and 35+ one day events in Texas and Oklahoma. There will also be a three day 54-hole event in Las Vegas and the Red River Cup Championship will be 54 holes played over two days at WinStar Golf Club's 27-hole layout the final weekend of the season on the Red River. The tour is growing at a very rapid pace. Golfers throughout the region are finding out about us every day thanks to internet/social media, longevity and, most importantly, word of mouth from the players who have experienced our tour in past years. The first 1-Day event of 2012 will be Jan. 21st. The FairWay Tour will have more two day events this year. We will be featuring one 2-day event per month starting in late February. These events will alternate between Major ($400 entry & $5000 to winner w/40+) and Super Major ($595 entry & $10,000 to winner w/44+) each month with one day events virtually every week in between from January 21st thru the 54-Hole Red River Championship in November. Don't forget if you are unable to play both days in our majors, we have regular 1-day events each day so you will never be left out in 2012. The FairWay Golf Tour has proven over the last dozen years to have an incredibly accurate handicap system (we must use decimal points to eliminate multiple ties at every event) and MOST generous pay matrix. The Red River Cup payout is projected to pay $25K+ in BONUS CASH to our 20 most successful and loyal players with a possible $7,500+ in BONUS CASH going to the points winner. This cash is paid on top of the already best paying prize fund for each event. In 2011, we paid $377,863 to our members. The tour format puts everyone in a SINGLE FLIGHT with a 12 or less handicap, which gives the players a chance to win MORE MONEY...We have now paid almost $2.1 MILLION in prize money to our players since 2001 and we are the longest active tour of its kind in the U.S.A. Our average WINNING NET SCORE for the ten MAJORS played in 2011 was -0.10...or virtually EVEN PAR!!! We are now licensed by the USGA as a "club affiliate" and qualified to apply the USGA Handicap Formula to our handicapped events. We believe these unique qualities brought to you by this tour, along with the fact we offer far more events in which to participate each season than any of our competitors, will make it difficult for players to miss this opportunity in 2012. We hope to see you at the course January 21st because "IF YOU DON'T TEE IT UP YOU CAN'T WIN!"