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Sub-70 Rounds Rare!

A couple of interesting stats: 1.) Since 8/26/07 there have been 14+ events and well over 150 rounds played on the FairWay Golf Tour...Since Brad Barrick (2.6 hcp) of Woodward, OK shot 68.6 (1.4 under net par on the par 70 Boiling Springs State Park layout) on that day only twice has it taken a score lower than 69.9 to win in the 1-Day FairWay Net Division on this tour!!!...Shane Kelley (0.9 hcp) shot a 68.1 on 11/8/07 at Bear Creek West and Tim Cochran (4.1 hcp) fired a 65.9 on the par 70 Dornick Hills CC under pristine conditions on 9/23/07. Interesting to note two of the three sub-70 rounds (Barrick, Cochran) were from tiny Woodward, OK... 2.) So far in 2008 there have been 3 events with the winning scores being 78.5, 75.7 and 70.8...AVG.Winning score in 2008 is 75! These stats are important to me as Tour Director because it provides proof that handicap golf is a very effective form of competition when properly administrated and it disables the myth that you must shoot net 63 or even net 70 to win a handicapped event...We hope you will join us at Cherokee Hills Resort and Casino on 2/23 and 2/24 where once again my money is on NET PAR TO WIN!!!