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Parnell wins $1765 with net score of -0.2 at Lincoln West as Super Major #1 next on calendar

Chris Parnell made the 3 1/2 hr drive from OKC to Arlington alot easier Saturday night as the winner of the event at Lincoln West GC just north of downtown OKC and recipient of the winner's check for $1765. The simple municipal course was made difficult thanks to winds gusting at 25-40 mph. Parnell was the only player in the field of 38 to break his handicap as scoring remains high so far this year on the tour. A good player who entered all or most of the events could have won lots of cash by now and his handicap could have gone up while leading the Red River Points Race... This describes Chris Brown and a few others at the top of the money and points list who are now sitting pretty with house money and the same or even higher hcp going into the spring! Super Major #1 is next weekend at Trails of Frisco and will pay a whopping $10,000 to the winner with a field of 44 or more players! The FairWay Tour has a policy of INVITATION ONLY for its MAJORS, so if you register and are not eligible to participate, you will receive a phone call from the tour director within 24 hrs. We will then attempt to complete the process of becoming eligible. Currently, the main criteria needed to enter the Super Major at Trails of Frisco is a verifiable handicap thru multiple sources. The FairWay Tour is committed to bringing quality golf competition into your bag. Our system is the most complete, our fields are the largest and are payouts are the best. AVERAGE WINNING SCORE THRU TEN 1-DAY EVENTS AND ONE MAJOR IS +0.2. We have almost $5000 already in the BONUS CASH POOL and have paid nearly $100,000 in prize money and we haven't made it to Spring yet!! Come join us at Trails of Frisco because "IF YOU DON'T TEE IT UP YOU CAN'T WIN!"