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6 year tour vet Henley (-5.5) collects over $11,000 with his first win on the FairWay Tour

Congratulations to Kyle Henley, who broke his handicap for only the second time in 57 rds and 6 yrs on the FairWay Tour this weekend and made it count big time - getting a check for over $11,000! Kyle has wavered between a 10 and 12 hcp the entire 6 years depending on which tee box the senior chooses to play. We hope this victory proves to the higher handicappers and seniors on the FairWay Tour that every player does have a chance to win majors. Kyle and Sam Melendrez, who won earlier this year, are the first players with a hcp greater than 5 to win a major since 2009 (15+ majors) and Kyle is the first double digit handicap to win a major in the 11-year history of the tour. The golf course also was the easiest for a major ever as the bunkers were played as ground under repair and players got one club length relief in the 100yd wide fairways due to the flooding rains earlier in the week that also softened the normally rock hard greens and fairways. Couple that with no wind and handicaps that were on the high side due to recent terrible weather conditions dating back to October of last year on the tour and you have a perfect storm for low scoring! That being said, if a scratch event were held on the same course under the same conditions with 64 players, surely it would have taken 12 under (-5.5 wins on this tour) to win and a score of 143 or +2 (+1.8 was last place money on this tour) probably would not have cashed a check. Our next event will be in Tulsa Saturday at Battle Creek Golf Club and Sunday in Dallas at Tangle Ridge GC. We hope to see you there because "If you don't tee it up you can't win!"