Tour News

2013 season only 10 days away!

The FairWay Golf Tour begins its 2013 season at Tour 18 Houston on Saturday, January 5th. This will be a one day event and the entry fee is $165 plus course fees. 1st place is $1-$2K with 16-60 players and minimum 25% of the field gets paid! The BONUS CASH POINTS POOL for 2013 will start with this event. Enter this event and pay deposit by Tuesday prior and receive max 20 bonus points! Pay your membership online by January 5th and receive $25 credit at your first event and 75 bonus points! Our goal this year is to pay $25,000 in BONUS CASH to top 20 points winners and add a minimum $10,000 in BONUS CASH to the Tour Championship! Returning members with more than 20 scores from 2012 will have their 2 lowest scores removed upon membership renewal and players with 10 or more scores from 2012 will have their lowest one score removed upon membership renewal. Players who pay their membership after January 5th will get 50 bonus points. We hope to see you Saturday, January 5th at Tour 18 Houston!