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Super Major #1 @ Cypress Lakes GC Feb 9-10 will be open to all participants as 87 players tee it up on weekend of Jan 19-20

ATTENTION GOLFERS: SUPER MAJOR #1 @ CYPRESS LAKES GC IS OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS! QUALIFYING RESTRICTIONS WILL BE IN PLACE STARTING WITH SUPER MAJOR #2. The FairWay Golf Tour is off to another record start as 104 competitive rounds have been played already this year. There were three events played this past weekend. Buffalo Creek in Dallas had a FairWay Tour course rating of 73/136, Andrews County GC in Andrews, TX was 68.0/114 and Tour 18 Houston was 73/129...the relevance of these numbers? Well, a +0.3 won at Buffalo Creek while a 0.5 won at Tour 18-Houston and a 12 won at Andrews County. According to the USGA and raw FairWay Tour numbers, the easier the course, the better chance a higher handicap has of winning the event. The FairWay Tour has proven the accuracy of its system time and again as the numbers bear out the truth. Chris Douglas, the Buffalo Creek winner, did his STATISTICS term paper on the FairWay Tour scoring system. The USGA says its formula implemented properly should produce results that make a bell curve with 97 pct accuracy. Over a three yr period, the FairWay Tour produced results on a bell curve with 98% accuracy! Congratulations to Chris Douglas, Jorge Molinar and Steven Buchanan, last weekend's FairWay Tour winners. Due to a scheduling conflict, the tour will take next weekend off before another weekend of back to back golf tourneys on two of the tour's favorites...Stonebridge Dye CC in McKinney, TX and Rose Creek CC in Edmond, OK. Super Major #1 will be played the weekend of Feb 9-10 at Cypress Lakes GC in Houston and is open to all participants. We hope to see you at the course because "If You Don't Tee It Up You Can't Win!"