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Workman-like performance at Waterchase nets $12,580 payday

Jason Workman finds his game at Waterchase during Super Major #2 last weekend with a net score of 136.3, good enough for a huge check that totaled $12,580. Jason has played nearly all the 1-day events and 8 majors just since March of last year on the FairWay Tour. His struggles were well documented as his online profile history shows the 4 handicap enjoyed little, if any, success in 2012. At least three sets of clubs and a year later came the right mix...his home course, tourney experience, clubs that fit and lots of practice led to finding his game at Waterchase in a huge way. The tour veteran recorded his lowest 2 rounds in 78 events since joining the tour in April 2007 on back to back days! It's just really hard to know when one's game is going to show up, which is why we say on the FairWay Tour...."If You Don't Tee It Up You Can't Win!" GREAT JOB JASON!