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Stark wins with 70.2 at awesome Grand Lake Estates Golf Club

Congratulations to Bobby Stark, this year's first 2-time 1-Day Net winner and 1st three time winner with a net score of 70.2 at Grand Lake Estates Golf Club. The Gary Player designed course may be the best course the tour has played for a green fee of $40. Bobby is currently first on the bonus cash list, which pays a $5000 bonus to winner at the end of the year (that will take care of lots of entry fees!), and 3rd on the money list with current earnings totaling $12,315. Here are some interesting stats for the 57 yr old Stark, who has played the tour since 2003 and has had double knee replacement twice during that span...1-Day Net stroke average of 75.83 and a 2-Day Net stroke average of 76.10...83 total entrys this year alone, which include all side games (most of any player)...27 money winners of the 83 entrys...of the 27 money winners, 15 were 1st place...Bobby is sitting pretty in all categories because of 2 reasons...A.) He works hard on his game. B.) The more you play, the more you WIN!! There is no substitute for hard work coupled with tournament experience. Results become a success when you mix determination with experience! I can tell you Bobby Stark has made those qualities work in his favor...Come join us next weekend for Super Major #6 because "IF YOU DON'T TEE IT UP YOU CAN'T WIN!"