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67-Yr Old Taylor Impressive, Clips Field Again

Age is no excuse for Chuck a matter of fact, it is not even an issue as the cagey 67 yr. old veteran (in more ways than one as he is ex-military!!) edged past the field for the second time in his last three starts (he also won major #3 May 3-4) by firing a gross score of 75 today at Lincoln West Golf Course. His net score of 66 bested other net scores of 66.7, 67 and 68.2 as he just seems to have a knack for getting the job done. Chuck should be an inspiration to all who love the game and want to compete. As Tour Director, I have to say Chuck Taylor is a perfect example of the type of competitor we envisioned when starting the tour...a winner all the way around. Great playing, Chuck!