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Lantana and Wedgewood this week; How did Herb Joiner win almost $10K in first 48 days of 2014 on the FairWay Tour?

Herb Joiner has won almost $10K in the first 48 days of 2014 and taken control of 1st place in the bonus cash race for the time being. How did he accomplish this feat? Let's break it down so others may be enlightened on how they can get it done too! The 59 yr old has played 116 rounds on the tour and has been a member since 2009. So let's start with experience. Some may think it was because of an inflated handicap? Nope. Herb's LOWEST handicap over the past 3 years was a 3.2 and his HIGHEST a 7.2. Herb was in the 4 range over the last 2 events. "Alot of people think it's because I made the move to the senior tee box", Herb said last week. "That's not the case at all as I have been playing the senior tees since last spring. The truth is I have been working really hard on my game. I have hired a strength coach and nutritionist along with a swing coach. My body fat has gone from 26% to 16% and my clubhead speed from 105 to 112 over the last 6 months. My hard work is finally paying off." As is the case with success in anything, Herb has paid his dues. Another player who has had success on the tour is Cameron Meyers. Cameron was last year's leading money winner and carries a handicap that ranges from +1 to +2. This player has found consistency in his game by playing the tour as much as possible as he knows the value of competition. The 25 yr old has also reached a higher level of maturity. Cameron has finished second by less than a stroke to Herb in his last 2 starts. Nonetheless, he has developed a winner's attitude. "I guess I shouldn't have bogeyed 18!" Cameron said with a smile after a 68 at Trails of Frisco Saturday left him in 2nd place. And let's end with commitment. During Friday's practice round Cameron said, "There was an awesome sorority party I missed to get in this practice round!" There are many players on tour with the potential for success, but only a few are able to achieve success. Just wanted to let you know what I know about the hottest players on tour right now! Are you the next "hottest player on tour"? Come join us this week at Lantana GC in Flower Mound Thursday afternoon and/or Wedgewood GC in Conroe Saturday morning. We hope to see you at the course because "If you don't tee it up you can't win!"