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Super Major #2 this weekend at Waterchase; Ties on FairWay Tour extremely rare!

The FairWay Tour uses decimal points for the sole purpose of eliminating ties! After looking back at the 1-Day Net results over the past 120 tourneys and 2 years worth of events, I still cannot find the last time the tour had a tie for first place! But that changed this past week as there were back to back ties with different results! Tour policy states that in the event of a tie, there may be a sudden death playoff provided both parties agree as no handicaps will be used. On Thursday at Stonebridge, Justin Bates and Dustin Risdon tied for first with net scores of 73. However, Bates left the course in disgust after 4 putting the 17th, thinking he had given the tourney away. But only Risdon, carrying a +3 handicap, was able to match Bates net score of +1. However, since both parties were not present and agreeable to a playoff, the prize money for 1st and 2nd was split in half between the 2 winners. On Saturday in Houston, it went a bit differently. Bryce Myburgh and Sun Ahn tied for first place with matching 67.1's. Both parties were present and agreed to sudden death playoff despite Ahn being a 4.9 and Myburgh being a 1.9 hcp. Ahn ended up winning this event by defeating Myburgh in the playoff. The FairWay Tour boasts the most accurate handicap system in competitive golf...and I can tell you that if we had been using whole numbers there would have been 25+ ties for first place since January 2012 (roughly 20% of the results!)...if anyone can find the last tie in a 1-Day Net Event prior to this past weekend under our current scoring system please let us know! Super Major #2 is this weekend at Waterchase GC in Ft. Worth, TX. 1st place is $10,000 with 54+. This event is worth triple bonus points. We hope to see you there because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"