Tour News

WinStar Super Major March 28-29; Waterchase and Kickingbird on tap for this weekend!

The FairWay Golf Tour will be playing its third Major of the year on March 28-29 at WinStar Golf Course, located on the Oklahoma side of the Red River 30 minutes north of Dallas. This event is one of five 2-Day Tourneys throughout the year with an elevated pay matrix. This events pays $5000 to the winner with 20 players, $7000 to the winner with 36 and $10,000 to the winner with 54 players! In addition, roughly $6000 in Bonus Cash will be paid to the top 4 players as well as tour credit to the remaining top players in the Bonus Points Standings for the first three months of the season. And if that's not enough for you, the largest casino in the world awaits right next door if you wish to try your luck off the course. New players must have three rounds in the system and established players must have played in at least one event since June 1, 2014 to be eligible for the 2-Day event. There is also a 1-Day event available each day for those who are unable/ineligible to play both days. This coming weekend, the tour plays Waterchase on Saturday and Kickingbird on Sunday. The weather is starting to warm up and soon the grass will be green...something I know the tour and its players are very excited about! The Bonus Cash Race will reset and all players will have 0 points for the Bridlewood event in Dallas on April 4th. The FairWay Tour is very excited to be your host for quality competition and large cash prizes at the very best facilities in the region. We hope to see you at the course because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"