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Tour Launches Guaranteed Minimum $1085 Cash Payout In Texas; Pulido Wins First Event

Congratulations to Harvey Pulido of Ft. Worth, winner of the year's first event in Texas at Southern Oaks GC in Burleson. Harvey shot a gross score of 82 with a handicap of 8 to give him a net score of +2. The FairWay Golf Tour is guaranteeing cash payouts of at least $1085 in its Texas Events, which made the payout matrix of $600 $300 and $185 effective for the 8 participants. Jeremy Copeland won the $300 cash 2nd pl. prize with a net score of +3. There was a three-way tie for 3rd place at +5, which means 5 out of 8 players won cash! What does the new cash payout matrix mean? With an entry fee of $185, which includes course costs and tour administrative fees, a player is guaranteed at least 6 times his money (less green fee and admin. fee) for first place and at least his entry fee back for third place regardless of the number of participants. In short, the tour guarantees a 10 player payout regardless of the number of players. The payout matrix will rise with each participant after 10 players.