Tour News

Tour Championship will be played Dec 10-11 @ Timarron CC

The FairWay Tour postponed the event at Timarron CC until December 10-11 due to the Thursday weather FORECAST! As we all know in these parts, the forecast and the real thing are always in question. However, the decision was made and there will be a larger field as a result! Currently, there are 31 players in the 2-Day event with 9 spots remaining. The MAX field for this event is 40 players. Here is the payout, including the added BONUS CASH, with 40 players: $8750 $4750 $3100 $1650 $1100 $800 $700 $600 $550 $500 In addition, the top 4 in the Bonus Cash Race at the end of this event will receive cash bonuses as follows: 1st $1500 2nd $1100 3rd $750 4th $400 Considering 1st place in the 2-Day event is worth 200 points anhd 1st place in the 1-Day events are worth 90 points apiece, the Bonus Cash Race is still very much up for grabs! To be eligible for this event, you must have played at least one tournament during the 2016 season. If this event doesn't reach the 40 player max by Thursday at 10AM, the remaining spots will be given to players who wish to participate in the 1-Day Net Division Saturday and/or Sunday.We hope to see you at the Tour Championship this weekend because...If you don't tee it up you can't win!"