Tour News

Hackberry Creek Thursday as Andrew Green fires net score of +4.8 to win $6K+ at Texas Star - Net score of +13.5 cashes!

The weather gurus have no clue what they are talking about! After 16 years, the FairWay Tour knows better than to cancel an event based on a FORECAST! 100% chance of rain became not a drop of rain and the event at Texas Star went according to plan. However, Sunday's round was almost unplayable due to the gusty, swirling winds at the course. Only one player was able to break a NET score of 150 on the par 142 layout. Andrew Green, all 6'8" of him, stood tall in the breeze and collected more than $6000 for his efforts. Only 21 players didn't want to believe the weather disaster they were predicting, so the field was small, but the scores and payouts were extremely HIGH!! More than $21,000 was paid out in the 21 player event, which equals over $1000 per player! The entry for this event was $765 including course fees, so you do the math on that payout! The Bonus Cash Points Race for the second 4 months of the season begins Thursday at Hackberry Creek. We hope to see you there because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"