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FairWay Tour best choice for competition as Camp takes home $13,270 from Las Vegas! 2018 Memberships available online at only $125 for a limited time!

The FairWay Golf Tour completed its 2017 season with a spectacular event in Las Vegas! 41 players participated in the year end tourney held at Jack Nicklaus designed Bear's Best, which was by all accounts an incredible venue. Tour veteran Mike Camp fired gross scores of 71-69 to win $13, awesome payday for any pro golfer! Congratulations Mike! Here are some important 2017 statistics: The Tour paid $598,426 to its members with 73 events! All events with exception of Las Vegas were held in Texas and Oklahoma, with Dallas as a central hub for these events. There were 11 Super Majors (36 hole events) and the average winning score was -3.1. Since we use handicaps, that equates to a NET score of -1.55 per day. Does anyone reading this newsletter think they could not beat their handicap by 1.55 for 2 days in a row? Because that's what it would take. Conversely, how many of you think you can shoot a GROSS score of -10 for 2 days? That's what the eventual winner of the Texas State Open fired after two rounds, finishing at -18. The key to success in competition is to have a chance! The FairWay Tour was created to give anyone with a 12 or less handicap a chance to compete for large cash prizes. Granted, of the 11 super majors played in 2017, 4 of the winners ADDED strokes to their score as legitimate pro golfers (all four of these plus golfers have cashed their biggest paychecks to date as a pro on the FairWay Tour!!). The tour has given competitive rounds to former PGA Tour players, Senior Tour players, even a US Women's Open Qualifier...all the way to a 12 handicapper. The beauty is all of these players are looking for competitive rounds...AND A CHANCE TO WIN! There is no better place to get yourself ready for the big time than the FairWay Tour for multiple reasons! First, it is the most economical with centrally located events that require little travel and very affordable entry fees. Second, we provide the very best golf courses in the region for competition! We challenge any tour to show us they give their players better golf courses to compete with exception of the PGA Tour. Third, our one of a kind scoring system will give you a CHANCE TO WIN! 13 players earned more than $10,000 on the FairWay Tour in 2017. Here are the appx handicaps of these players, from first to 13th on the money list: +3.0, 1.6, +1.6, 5.5, 2.0, 2.9, +1.7, +2.8, +1, +0.6, 2.2, 5.9, 10.7. So if you are a 10 handicapper looking to meet new friends and enjoy competing on the finest golf courses while improving your game....or a +3 handicap looking to get on the PGA Tour this year, we hope you take advantage of the opportunity given to all by the FairWay Golf Tour. Best golf courses, most generous payouts, more events and tightest scoring system in golf, which has been proven over the last 16 years! Go online NOW and get your discounted 2017 membership for only $125 for a limited time. The calendar will be up soon with the first event being held third week of January and continuing thru the first week of December 2018! We hope to see you at our HIGH QUALITY events because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"