Tour News

Tangle Ridge this Saturday in Dallas! Large cash payouts offer best value of any Mini Tour as Kelly and Fichte win last week's events!

Spring is now in FULL SWING MODE with an event this Saturday at Tangle Ridge GC - SIGN UP NOW! The FairWay Tour held 2 events last week with some very nice weather for a change! Congratulations to Derek Kelly and Zach Fichte, last week's winners at Thorntree CC and Lincoln West GC. Derek was the only player to beat his handicap with a net score of 71.3 at Thorntree CC on Thursday. Derek took home $1656 for his efforts. Saturday in OKC, Zach Fichte fired a net score of 69.5 to edge out Bryan DonCarlos and take home $1140 with 18 players! The FairWay Tour is very proud of its handicap system, which offers the easiest place for a pro golfer to cash a check. This is a fact that is proven nearly every week, but let's take a look at payouts! Thursday at Thorntree CC, the entry fee was $205. There were 39 players, the winning score was 71.3 and the total payout was $7304 plus $390 added to the Bonus Cash Pool, which will be paid at the end of April. That pool now has almost $5000 in it from the first 2 months of the season! That makes a total payout of $7694 at Thorntree! Compare that to our closest competition: A local tour people like to compare us with held an event Saturday in Dallas. The entry fee was $229 with 30 players and the total payout was $3720. This Tour doers not offer a Bonus Cash Pool. The winning score was 69 and was accomplished by a 13 handicapper. Compare that to the FairWay Tour's $205 entry fee and 39 players vs $229 with 30 players - Thorntree was a great value and our entry fees are usually in the $230 range but even if they were $300...the payout is more than double! ($7694 vs $3720) Plus, a winning score of 71.3 by a 2.7 handicap vs 69 by 13 handicap. Oh, and don't forget about the $5000 in BONUS CASH up for grabs we have added since the beginning of the season! Given those numbers, we hope people would choose the FairWay Tour when trying to decide where they should put their money! Our next high quality event is Saturday, March 31st at Tangle Ridge GC in Dallas. We hope to see you there because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"