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FairWay Tour Vet Turner Wins Nationwide Soboba Classic, Earns $180,000 and 2010 PGA Tour Card

The FairWay Tour and its players send a sincere congratulations to Jerod Turner, who lived out many of our dreams by winning the Nationwide Tour Soboba Classic and earning his PGA Tour Card for 2010...and an added bonus of $180,000 in one of the richest purses of the year on the Nationwide Tour. Many of us on our tour have played with Jerod and knew he had the talent to accomplish great things on the golf course. Turner currently maintains a +3.1 handicap and in 88 rounds from May 2003 - October 2008 earned $43,174 on the FairWay Tour, 5th best all-time (he got there in 88 rounds...the 4 players ahead of him have all recorded over 200 rds). His outstanding play and support of our handicap tour and his belief that our handicap system was the best (he never played other net tours) provided proof over the years that anyone, no matter their handicap, has a fair chance! Join us this weekend at Dornick Hills CC, a favorite of Turner who played 7 times at this site, winning 3 of those events. Players on our tour can breathe a sigh of relief...I am sure he will not be there this weekend!