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Thorntree CC Saturday - SIGN UP NOW! Crazy August Rain Disrupts Last Week's Events in Dallas and Houston

Good Morning FairWay Tour Members! This Saturday, the Tour goes to Thorntree CC in DeSoto, TX. The greens at this course are in PERFECT shape, so come join us! Congratulations to last week's winners on the FairWay Tour as Eddie Griswold and Mike Tancill win in Dallas and Houston respectively. Thursday in Dallas, Eddie fired a 4 under par 32 on the front nine and watched as torrential rain shut down the golf course, which led to a nine hole event even though the forecasat gave only a 20% chance. Fast Eddie took home a quick $1675 for a couple hours work!! When posting scores to the handicap system and website on very rare occasions when events are shortened to nine holes, the FairWay Tour gives each player a net score of +2 on the back nine. The USGA says a player averages 4 over their hcp on any given day for 18 holes, therefore the +2 net score on the back nine. Also, the website is set up for stats and other numbers to compute 18 hole scores only. Saturday in Houston was actually even worse when it came to the rain. The forecast gave a 90% chance (which obviously cut into the size of the field) and the weatherman hit the nail on the head this time. However, the awesome Oaks Course offered excellent drainage so we were able to finish the round, but not before a lightning storm nearly took us all out! If you were one of the guys who withdrew due to weather concerns, I have to admit you made the right call. Congratulations to Oaks Course member Mike Tancill, winner of this event! Those of you who do not live in Houston should consider making the drive as the FairWay Tour regularly plays some of the best golf courses in the state down there! Our next trip is no different, as the Tour will be playing a 1-Day Major at the Woodlands Gary Player Course Saturday, Sept 22nd...only 2 weeks before the PGA Tour's Stage 1 Q School is held there! Lastly, don't forget Bonus Cash Super Major #8 at WinStar to be held Sept 4-5. Roughly $10,000 in BONUS CASH will be paid out on top of the regular SUPER MAJOR pay matrix for this event so don't miss out. Not only does this tour have the most generous payouts, but now we are adding $10,000 more to the pool from the last 4 months of the season! The top 4 bonus cash points winners will get a check for their participation the last 4 months that will total roughly $8,000 while the other $2,000 will be added to the payouts. What other tour pays you for just showing up and participating more than the others...can it get any better than that? Especially since all of your expenses may be tax deductible! We hope to see you at our high quality events soon because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"