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First Time Player Hamilton (+1 hcp) Wins Major #8

Mack Hamilton, a 24 yr old scratch golfer from Ardmore, OK was questioning whether or not it would be a good idea to participate in a handicapped event with no handicap. As Tour Director, I did my best to explain to him the difference between a handicapped event at your club, where a net score of 62 may or may not be good enough to win, and a Pro-Net Event run by a tour that has hosted over 300 events and paid over $1 million in prize money using USGA approved software and proven tour policies that effectively wipe out any attempts at sandbagging. Hamilton started as a zero and moved to a +1 the second day as he fired gross scores of 70-72. He added the 1 stroke to his total for a net score of 143, good enough for a 1-stroke victory and a total of $2675 from the field of 16 players, 11 of which participated in the 2-Day Major Division. Congratulations to Mack Hamilton for believing in his game and believing in the FairWay System enough to cash a big paycheck in his first event.