Tour News

Brookhaven CC Masters Course Thursday as net score of -2.3 wins $7320 at Texas Star!

The FairWay Tour is RAPIDLY winding down its season with only a few events remaining for 2018. This year, the weather took a nice chunk out of the back end of the schedule compared to the last few years! The Tour is scheduled for an event Thursday at Brookhaven CC Masters Course starting at noon, but Mother Nature is not being nice with another poor forecast. Per tour policy, if the course is open, we will play! Last weekend at Texas Star, Mike Camp won $7320 with a 2-Day Net Total of -2.3. Mike has won nearly $15K on the FairWay Tour in the last 3 weeks by barely beating his handicap at Texas Star and not even breaking his hcp at Dornick Hills! Even crazier, the Tour played the ball up thru the green at Dornick and up in fairways and bunkers at Texas Star! Conditions were somewhat wet all 4 days, but the wind only blew one of the 4 days. So what is the catch? Well, there really isn't one! Mike just played better than the other 20 guys competing in these events! With smaller fields, your odds of "cleaning up" are much better! I think the fields at Texas Star and Dornick would have been much larger even with bad weather and not much practice time had I been able to promise any player who shot 0.2 over or 2.3 under their hcp for two days a $7K+ PAYDAY twice in three weeks while playing tax deductible golf using your handicap!!! Come join us at Brookhaven this Thursday at noon for some tax deductible pro golf because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"