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65 degrees Thursday at Mesquite GC!! Tollison wins $7450 at TPC with net score of +0.7

The FairWay Tour is excited to have our first event above 60 degrees in 2019! The weather forecast for Thursday at Mesquite GC is a high of 65 degrees! Last week, 35 players kept their commitment at TPC Las Colinas despite a high of 39 degrees and 15mph north winds. Congratulations to David Tollison, who edged out the field with a net score of +0.7, good enough for a $7450 payday! Here is a direct quote from Mr. Tollison from a text message I received the day before the event..."I'm hoping for cold and windy...conditions people will gripe about and I don't mind." Yes, there were many asking to postpone this event and more than a handful pulled out, but Tour Policy is if the course is open and playable, the show goes on. Not fair to the David Tollison's of the world to postpone an event just because the weather is uncomfortable. Jack Nicklaus once said golf is 90 pct mental! I can't help but think David's mindset going into this event was a huge factor in his success. That being said, a wind chill in the mid 20's is ROUGH! But that was last week...this week looks awesome with what appears to be a beautiful day in store for this Thursday's event at Mesquite GC. Frank Darnell, the greenskeeper at Mesquite and FairWay Tour veteran, does an awesome job there with speedy and true greens. We hope you can join us because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"