Tour News

Coyote Ridge Thursday and Rose Creek Saturday as Matt Rodger fires -1.7 to win at Mesquite GC

The winter of 2018-2019 is as bad as I can remember since starting the Tour in 2001! Not only have we had record moisture, but cold temperatures have hung around since late October! The Tour normally migrates South during this time for a few events (join us in Austin @ Nicklaus designed Flintrock Falls March 23rd!), but we have stayed away from Houston altogether as they have had over an inch of rain each week for 20+ straight weeks! Good news is on the horizon, however, as we SPRING FORWARD this week. At least we can expect milder days! Temperatures are expected to reach nearly 70 degrees Thursday afternoon at Coyote Ridge GC following, yes, two solid days of rain. Coyote Ridge Thursday will be a preview (sort of) for the Bonus Cash Super Major to be held there May 4-5. The golf course is still dormant and will not be the same in May as they are spending the big bucks, bringing in course maintenance experts and outside equipment, to get the course in the very best shape possible for the US OPEN Qualifier the day after our event (May 6th) and also the Texas State Amateur Qualifier the following week! Because of course familiarity and the large budget being used to get this course in top shape, we think this is a great spot to hold our first BONUS CASH SUPER MAJOR of 2019! We are also playing Saturday at Rose Creek GC in Edmond, OK with a high temperature expected to be 50 degrees. Last week, Matt Rodger got his first win since Buffalo Creek two years ago with a net score of -1.7 at Mesquite GC. Congrats Matt! We hope to see you at our high quality events this week because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"