Tour News

Trails of Frisco Thursday & First Ever 2-Man Super Ball This Weekend!

The FairWay Golf Tour has two events on the calendar this week. Thursday afternoon we will be at Trails of Frisco GC and this weekend is our first ever 2-Man "Super Ball" at Chickasaw Pointe GC on Lake Texoma. 1st place team gets $10,000 with 20 teams. There is still room for a few more teams so SIGN UP NOW! The Tour is basically at the halfway point of the season as we have hosted 32 events and there are 33 events left on the calendar. Here are some cool stats from the first half: 1-Day Net Scoring Average: 78.9 (WHAT!!!)...2-Day Net Scoring Average: 75.4...AVG score needed to cash a check last 5 events: 74.12...Leading Money Winner: $18,515 (Cook)...Number of events where a score above par DOES NOT CASH: 1...these are the facts, folks! We hope to see you at Trails of Frisco and you and your partner at Chickasaw Pointe GC this weekend because..."IF YOU DON'T TEE IT UP YOU CAN'T WIN!"