Tour News

Bonus Cash PAYOUT This Weekend @ Fred Couples Bridges GC ($8000 Extra) & Stonebridge Hills Thursday!

The FairWay Tour is bringing its members two events this week at two very high quality golf courses while paying an extra $8000 in BONUS CASH on top of the pay matrix @ Fred Couples Bridges GC this weekend! First place is $6000 even if there are 20 players!! Don't miss your opportunity to get paid the BIG Bucks playing golf! The FairWay Tour has held 47 events in 2019 and 44 of them NET SCORES ABOVE PAR WIN. That is correct, NET SCORES ABOVE PAR cash nearly every single time (over 95% of the time since 2001!!) on the FairWay Tour! Added Cash and Over Par Winners on Great golf courses! The FGT is doing its part to give players fair, equitable AND affordable, tax deductible competition! What more can a competitive golfer want? Each and every player in the field has a FAIR chance!! We hope to see you at Stonebridge Ranch Hills Course Thursday or Fred Couples Bridges GC this weekend for the BIG PAYDAY because..."IF YOU DON'T TEE IT UP YOU CAN'T WIN!"