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9-Year Tour Vet Lillard Catches Fire, Wins Cherokee Hills By 7.8 Strokes

Doug Lillard has been a loyal member of the FairWay Golf Tour since 2001 and has 264 rounds in our system. Saturday may have produced his finest round considering the conditions as Doug smoked the field with a gross score of +7. Subtract the 7.2 strokes given to him by the handicap system and Doug easily beats the field of 16 players and wins a total of $1180 on the difficult (to say difficult really doesn't give the course its due) par 70 layout. Mike Brownell finished a distant second with a net score of 77.6 and two players, Trey Coursey and newcomer Kacey Threet (both 3 handicappers) tied at +9. If you are a player who has not come out this year because the weather has hindered your practice, well, you're missing the boat as it doesn't appear ANYONE has been able to practice much with the scores a reflection of the cold winter. Surely most of you think you could get within nine strokes of your handicap...even with a broken arm. Yesterday that would have cashed a check and certainly not damaged your handicap. COME JOIN THE TOUR...MEMBERSHIP IS FREE IF YOU PLAY BEFORE MARCH 31st!